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I’m Alexa, a filmmaker, immersive artist and overall story lover. I am going to be talking all sorts of things around here, from books to films and series, photography, immersive installations, maybe even teach you a thing or two. I’m open to discussions, always happy to receive ideas from you and happy to collaborate with people on their own projects.

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About Me

My passion for blogging began as a book reviewer back when I was twelve. Life changed a lot in the meantime, gave up blogging for a good period of time, but now I’m back to it.

I’ve been studying Media Production, and have a master in Immersive Arts. One thing never changed: my love for reading and being creative. I will talk about lots of things around here, and this blog is going to mainly be my diary of ideas and initiatives, of thoughts and discussions, which I invite you to delve into! Read more

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